Moscow, July 2, 2020 - 1C Entertainment presents the third episode of the King's Bounty II dev diaries series. In this new episode, you will learn about the game's combat system, the battle balance and innovations introduced to familiar mechanics.

Also in the new video:

  • How the combat system has evolved from series to series
  • What are the special features of the new King's Bounty II combat mechanics
  • New unique units: who are they?
  • How the spellbook works in King's Bounty II


Watch King's Bounty II - Dev Diaries #3: Battle System

The King's Bounty turn-based tactics series returns with King’s Bounty II. In addition to the tactical depth fans expect from its combat, immerse yourself in the fantasy world of Antara with a whole new, non-linear narrative and deep RPG mechanics that give weight to your every decision. This world is full of bright events, memorable characters and moral dilemmas!

Upcoming dev diary episodes will provide more details on the story, game modes, and playable characters in King’s Bounty II. Watch the previous dev diaries here. For more information about King’s Bounty II, visit the official website, or follow the game’s official Facebook and/or Twitter page.


Game Information:

  • Platforms:                     PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4
  • Release Date:               2020
  • Publisher:                     1C Entertainment
  • Developer:                    1C Entertainment


About 1C Entertainment:

1C Entertainment is an international group with offices located in Warsaw, Gdansk, Prague, Budapest and Moscow and operating in the segments of game production, distribution and services for video game developers. The company releases video games for all platforms through its global network of partners digitally and in retail.