Ancestors Legacy, game released by 1C Entertainment S.A. in May 2018,has been listed among the 100 top games released in 2018 according to gross revenue on the Steam platform. It is one of the three main productions in the 1C Entertainment Group's publishing activity last year, which at the same time was the most successful in the market.

 Ancestors Legacy, created by the Polish Destructive Creations studio, is an award winning historically faithful real-time strategy (RTS) set in the days of medieval Europe. Players have at their disposal one of four available factions: Vikings, Anglo-Saxons, Germans or Slavs, for running a series of long-term campaigns. Different modes of intense multiplayer battles are well visually mapped thanks to the Unreal Engine 4 technology, and advanced tactical options allow the use of landform to the benefit of players.

Currently, Ancestors Legacy is available in 11 languages on PC. The game is planned to be released on Xbox One within this year. In 2018 1C Entertainment released 8 titles, including Ancestors Legacy, Deep Sky Derelicts and Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark.