1C Entertainment and 3D Realms unveil WRATH: Aeon of Ruin, the dark fantasy horror FPS announced in October 2018.  The game, powered by the original Quake engine, will be available on PC, Mac and Linux in the summer of 2019. At the beginning of 2020, the title will be released on Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One consoles.

WRATH: Aeon of Ruin is a result of the established in 2018 cooperation of 1C Entertainment and the legendary 3D Realms. Developed internally at 3D Realms and KillPixel, alongside Quake scene veterans, WRATH embraces the timeless elements of FPS classic titles such as DOOM, QUAKE, DUKE NUKEM 3D, BLOOD, UNREAL and HEXEN.  

WRATH’s hub world design inspires exploration-heavy non-linear play. Only the first two realms are open at first, but keys lay hidden throughout the five worlds that open the other doors. Secrets scattered in the shadows award both lore and desperately-needed armaments. Quake Champions composer Andrew Hulshult and Cyberpunk 2077 Senior Audio Engineer Bjørn Jacobsen underscore the ethereal atmosphere with ghostly ambiance and heavy metal. 

"WRATH’s dark fantasy horror, core gameplay and classic feel, is something we feel is often imitated, but rarely matched. It’s something sorely missing from today’s games," said Frederik Schreiber, Vice President of 3D Realms and Producer on WRATH.  "Alongside our team of Quake scene developers who are masters of their craft, and the game visionary, Jeremiah ‘KillPixel’ Fox, the haunting journey they are creating is going to be incredible."

With the POWER of the legendary original Quake engine, WRATH brings back good memories while at the same time creates greater new ones," said Nikolay Baryshnikov, President of the Management Board of 1C Entertainment S.A.

WRATH: Aeon of Ruin is another project of 1C Entertainment and 3D Realms. In the second quarter of 2019, Ion Maiden, previously available on the Steam platform, will be released as the Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One consoles.