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Warsaw, March 8, 2019


1C Entertainment and 3D Realms unveil WRTAH: Aeon of Ruin, the dark fantasy horror FPS announced in October 2018. The game, powered by the original Quake engine, will be available on PC, Mac and Linux in the summer of 2019. At the beginning of 2020, the title will be released on Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One consoles. 

 WRATH: Aeon of Ruin is a result of the established in 2018 cooperation of 1C Entertainment and the legendary 3D Realms. Developed internally at 3D Realms and KillPixel, alongside Quake scene veterans, WRATH embraces the timeless elements of FPS classic titles such as DOOM, QUAKE, DUKE NUKEM 3D, BLOOD, UNREAL and HEXEN. 

 WRATH’s hub world design inspires exploration-heavy non-linear play. Only the first two realms are open at first, but keys lay hidden throughout the five worlds that open the other doors. Secrets scattered in the shadows award both lore and desperately-needed armaments. Quake Champions composer Andrew Hulshult and Cyberpunk 2077 Senior Audio Engineer Bjørn Jacobsen underscore the ethereal atmosphere with ghostly ambiance and heavy metal.

 "WRATH’s dark fantasy horror, core gameplay and classic feel, is something we feel is often imitated, but rarely matched. It’s something sorely missing from today’s games," said Frederik Schreiber, Vice President of 3D Realms and Producer on WRATH.  "Alongside our team of Quake scene developers who are masters of their craft, and the game visionary, Jeremiah ‘KillPixel’ Fox, the haunting journey they are creating is going to be incredible."

 With the POWER of the legendary original Quake engine, WRATH brings back good memories while at the same time creates greater new ones," said Nikolay Baryshnikov, President of the Management Board of 1C Entertainment S.A.

 WRATH: Aeon of Ruin is another project of 1C Entertainment and 3D Realms. In the second quarter of 2019, Ion Maiden, previously available on the Steam platform, will be released as the Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One consoles.

 For more information, please explore the official websites for WRATH, 1C Entertainment,KillPixel and 3D Realms or follow the game on Twitter, Facebook, and Discord.

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Warsaw, 29 January 2019


Ancestors Legacy among the 100 best selling games released in 2018 on the Steam platform

Ancestors Legacy, game released by 1C Entertainment S.A. in May 2018,has been listed among the 100 top games released in 2018 according to gross revenue on the Steam platform. It is one of the three main productions in the 1C Entertainment Group's publishing activity last year, which at the same time was the most successful in the market.

 Ancestors Legacy, created by the Polish Destructive Creations studio, is an award winning historically faithful real-time strategy (RTS) set in the days of medieval Europe. Players have at their disposal one of four available factions: Vikings, Anglo-Saxons, Germans or Slavs, for running a series of long-term campaigns. Different modes of intense multiplayer battles are well visually mapped thanks to the Unreal Engine 4 technology, and advanced tactical options allow the use of landform to the benefit of players.

Currently, Ancestors Legacy is available in 11 languages on PC. The game is planned to be released on Xbox One within this year. In 2018 1C Entertainment released 8 titles, including Ancestors Legacy, Deep Sky Derelicts and Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark.

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Warsaw, 26 October 2018



Heralded WWII Strategy Title Gets Eastern Front Expansion with New Faction and Vehicles

1C Entertainment today announced the launch of new Ostfront Veteranen DLC for the celebrated RTS series, Men of War: Assault Squad 2, which is the latest chapter in the award-winning and long-running Men of War strategy game series. The Ostfront Veteranen faction-based DLC, which is now available on PC via Steam for $9.99, expands the game with a brand-new unit selection available for the first time in the franchise—players can now join the battle as a new German faction with more than 10 new vehicles and hardened infantry squads from the brutal Eastern Front.

The Men of War series has a storied and acclaimed history since first launching in 2009. In 2014, Men of War: Assault Squad 2 updated the game with significant tech improvements as well as new skirmish modes that take players from extreme tank combat to deadly sniper stealth missions. Commanders can face off against opponents on multiplayer maps ranging from 1v1 to 8v8 in scope, with a dedicated player community still ready to commence WWII battles on a daily basis.

Even now, nearly ten years after the game’s initial release and four years after launching Men of War: Assault Squad 2, today’s Ostfront Veteranen DLC release shows the enduring vitality of the Men of War franchise,” said Nikolay Baryshnikov, CEO of 1C Entertainment. “Opening the Eastern Front with new vehicles and battle-hardened infantry is something our community has been looking forward to tackling, and it’s a pleasure to continue supporting this great game.”

The base game, which is required to play the DLC, has been lauded as one of the great masterworks of RTS games, and currently has an 84% positive rating on Steam. The Ostfront Veteranen DLC continues developer Digitalmindsoft’s commitment to providing new and exciting content for the game’s active community with new troops, units, and features based on the Eastern Front.

Ostfront Veteranen DLC Features

    • New German faction of veteran Eastern Front troops, which is available for both multiplayer and player vs. AI matches
    • More than 10 new vehicles including the Brummbär, StukazuFuß, and Flak37 mounted on SdKfz 8
    • Battle-hardened new infantry squads from the Eastern front

Men of War: Assault Squad 2 is developed by Digitalmindsoft and published by 1C Entertainment. The full game is priced at $29.99 on PC via Steam.

Keep in touch with the latest 1C Entertainment news on their website and by following them on Twitter and Facebook.

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Prague, 23 October 2018


Joining Forces for Both Ion Maiden and an Unannounced FPS Based on the Original Quake Engine
1C Entertainment, an international group operating in the segments of game production, distribution and services for video game developers will collaborate with 3D Realms, the developer of classic first-person shooters including Duke Nukem and Shadow Warrior, to bring Ion Maiden to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in Q2 2019, in addition to the previously announced Steam release. Both companies will also collaborate on a new unannounced FPS based on the original Quake engine coming to all the same platforms as Ion Maiden.

Distribution of both games in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary will be carried out by Cenega S.A.

Ion Maiden’s exclusive multi-hour preview campaign is available on Steam Early Access for $19.99 in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Russian. The retro first-person shooter developed in the Build engine, which powered Duke Nukem 3D, Blood, and Shadow Warrior, will simultaneously release on all platforms Q2 2019 in both digital and physical formats. In this prequel to 2016’s Bombshell, Shelly has to take down transhumanist mastermind Dr. Jadus Heskel. 

While Ion Maiden utilizes a classic engine, Early Access players have still found the modern staples they’ve come to expect, including headshots, more physics and interactivity, widescreen support, controller support and auto-saves. 3D Realms and 1C Entertainment are taking the best of both worlds.  

1C Entertainment is responsible for the popular RTS series Men of War, the fantasy tactical role-playing games King’s Bounty, and World War II flight simulator series IL-2 Sturmovik. Collaborating with 3D Realms promises to bring both teams’ creative powers together and deliver the high-quality content gamers know both companies for. 

"Presenting games like Ion Maiden to all of 3D Realms' fans is our number one priority," said Mike Nielsen, CEO of 3D Realms. "Partnering with 1C Entertainment means we can make our dedicated community happier by bringing Shelly to consoles."

"I was always a fan of the old-school classic FPS titles Duke Nukem 3D, Blood, Max Payne and Shadow Warrior, so I am super thrilled to partner with a legendary studio such as 3D Realms," said Nikolay Baryshnikov, CEO of 1C Entertainment. "As a global publisher, our goal is to bring top-quality titles to all the gamers around the world, and our cooperation with 3D Realms is a great addition to our portfolio. For me personally, it’s a kid’s dream come true."

For more information please explore the official websites for 1C Entertainment, 3D Realms, and Ion Maiden.

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4 September 2018


1C Entertainment SA (the “Company”), registered in Warsaw, has filed a prospectus with the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF) in connection with its planned public offering. The Company and its subsidiaries make up a capital group (the “Group”) operating in the segments of production of video games, distribution of third-party video games (via retail and digital channels), and specialized services for third-party publishers and independent development studios.

The Group has a well-established position on international markets in each of the three segments in which it operates. The productions it holds the rights to enjoy steady popularity among players all over the world. Releases of new series of the best-selling titles are planned. Meanwhile, work is underway on entirely new projects based on both existing and new IP. 

The Group’s leading titles include such popular games as Men of War, King’s Bounty, and IL-2 Sturmovik.

“Our intention is to conduct the public offering this year,” said Nikolay Baryshnikov, President of the Management Board of 1C Entertainment. “We regard listing on the stock market as a further stage of growth. We have been connected with the video game industry for over 20 years. We have a wealth of experience in production and sale of video games, which has built the Group’s well-established position on international markets. We cooperate with the most important global players. We are planning to expedite growth of the Group’s development and publication activities, which are intended to be the main, but not only, driver of its growth.” 

The most important companies in the 1C Entertainment Group are Cenega, handling the distribution of video games, and production and sale of game-related apparel and accessories; Muve, providing digital game distribution services, operating online stores with games and accessories; Qloc, a world-class firm offering specialized services for the video game industry (such as programming services, testing, and localization); and 1C Online Games, publisher and developer of games for all platforms. 

In 2017 the Group generated revenue of PLN 208.6m and EBITDA of ca. PLN 30m.

The main shareholder of 1C Entertainment SA is 1C Ltd Cyprus, a joint venture of 1C Software Company, registered in Moscow, and Baring Vostok Private Equity Fund IV.


The business of the 1C Entertainment Group in the distribution segment is focussed on distribution of video games from the biggest international publishers. Games are sold through both physical and digital distribution.

The Group (via Cenega) is the largest independent distributor of video games in Central & Eastern Europe, with a market share in physical distribution of about 25%. Distribution covers four geographical markets—Poland, Czechia, Slovakia and Hungary—where the Group’s customers include the largest retail chains and other commercial buyers.

Cenega also handles coordination of promotional and marketing initiatives accompanying the market launch of games in the region.
Apart from distribution of video games in boxed versions, Cenega is also expanding its own brand Good Loot, under which it produces and sells various accessories and gadgets pursuant to distribution and licence agreements, including such brands as Star Wars, Marvel, Warhammer, DC Comics, and many others.

As part of the distribution segment, the Group is expanding the Muve platform, which was the first in Poland to offer the service of digital sale of video games on a major scale, and currently is the leading provider of services of this type for B2B customers, with a catalogue of over 3,300 games.


The segment of specialized services, offered by the 1C Entertainment Group via Qloc, is a response to the growing orders from publishers and developers in areas such as programming services, testing, and localization of games. The growing demand for outsourcing is tied to the significant level of outlays required to prepare a production meeting players’ high expectations. More and more often, producers focus mainly on the creative layer connected with preparing the narrative of the game and coordinating the work of external suppliers.

Over its 9 years in operation, Qloc has earned worldwide renown, becoming one of the few entities globally capable of delivering top-notch services in the areas of porting, comprehensive testing, and localization of games. The Group’s clients in this segment include many leading producers of video games, such as Warner Bros., Bandai Namco, Capcom, Ubisoft, and Take2. 


The video game production segment includes the following business lines: 

    • Production of video games for PC, consoles and mobile platforms
    • Publishing of titles produced by external entities and indie developers. 

The most important publishing series which the Group holds copyright to include Men of War, King’s Bounty and IL-2 Sturmovik, which have sold many millions of copies to date. The historic sales results, high assessment by users, and broad base of potential customers mean high commercial potential for future titles based on this IP.

The Group is intensively growing its activity connected with production of its own video games for all popular platforms. Current projects include video games continuing existing series (Men of War and King’s Bounty) as well as a new initiative from the free-to-play MMO genre.
Apart from production of video games for stationary devices, the Group is expanding its activity connected with creation of mobile games. 
In addition its own development projects, the Group also provides publication services for external development teams and has over 10 titles in its portfolio for 2018–2019 release. 

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