Nikolay Baryshnikov

Nikolay Baryshnikov – President of the Management Board 

Nikolay Baryshnikov has over 20 years of experience in the video game industry. He has been affiliated with the 1C Group since 1999, initially as the manager responsible for international marketing, then as director of international sales and marketing, and from 2009 responsible for the games division. He has taken part in the creation, production and promotion of games such as Men of War, King's Bounty, IL-2 Sturmovik, Rig’n’Roll and many more.


  • Group strategy and M&A deals,
  • Communication with HQ/Supervisory Board,
  • Supervision of Publishing/Development Segment (also acts as GM of the Segment).

Tomasz Nieszporski

Tomasz Nieszporski – Member of the Management Board

Tomasz Nieszporski has 23 years of experience as a manager in the video game industry (with such firms as Optimus,, Cenega, Muve and Qloc).


  • Group managerial reporting,
  • Business supervision of Cenega S.A., Muve S.A., Qloc  S.A.

Artur Żurek

Artur Żurek – Member of the Management Board 

Artur Żurek has 30 years of management experience. For 10 years he headed the finance and legal division of Cenega, Muve. and Qloc. 


  • Legal, ERP & tax aspects,
  • IAS reporting.