Distribution of games

The business of the 1C Entertainment Group in the distribution segment is focussed on distribution of video games from the biggest international publishers. Games are sold through both physical and digital distribution.

The Group (via Cenega) is the largest independent distributor of video games in Central & Eastern Europe, with a market share in physical distribution of about 25%. Distribution covers four geographical markets—Poland, Czechia, Slovakia and Hungary—where the Group’s customers include the largest retail chains and other commercial buyers.

Apart from distribution of video games in boxed versions, Cenega is also expanding its own brand Good Loot, under which it produces and sells various accessories and gadgets pursuant to distribution and licence agreements, including such brands as Star Wars, Marvel, Warhammer, DC Comics, and many others.

As part of the distribution segment, the Group is expanding the Muve platform, which was the first in Poland to offer the service of digital sale of video games on a major scale, and currently is the leading provider of services of this type for B2B customers, with a catalogue of over 3,300 games.