Lovecraftian horror CRPG, Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones, descends upon Steam on September 26

Drawing directly from the works of H.P. Lovecraft and employing a gorgeously grotesque hand-drawn visual style, Stygian offers a turn-based RPG in a broken and mysterious world.



Step into the 1920s as you create your own character based on one of eight different archetypes pulled from the pages of cosmic horror history - from the academic to the occultist - each with their own unique attributes, skills and belief systems. These belief systems in particular determine how your characters cope with the warped reality of the world around them. This, like the classic CRPG titles that came before it, provides players with an open-ended narrative to unearth as they attempt to find sense in the mysterious otherworldly happenings that have befallen the town of Arkham.

Faithful to its mind-rending subject matter, combat in Stygian is understandably tense. Featuring strategic, turn-based combat from a 2D perspective, players will come face to face with everything from fanatic cultists, to monstrosities that are so horrifying that we’ve been instructed not to describe them for your safety and well-being. Balancing physical combat that’s inconsistent at best against creatures from beyond and powerful eldritch spellcasting that has dire consequences on one’s mind, combat in Stygian deftly matches the cosmic horror experience that surrounds it.